Terms We Use

When we discuss locations on Historical Hotties, we aim to be precise, respectful and clear. In some cases, this may mean using names that are not presently on most maps, or even employing more than one name.

Eurasian Places:

Since Spirit’s area of interest is early modern Europe, many of the posts on Historical Hotties will reference kingdoms, city-states and territories on the Eurasian continent. Spirit favours the term Eurasia when referring to this vast area at large because the separation of the continent into Europe and Asia is not geographical, and can reflect misleading divisions based on false assumptions about socio-political, cultural and “racial” differences.

When referencing smaller, more specific regions such as kingdoms and city-states, Spirit uses their period names. In some cases (e.g., those in which period-names are not well known or might create confusion) she also offers present-day place names for the sake of clarity.

The Americas:

Monique’s area of interest lies in the Americas, primarily in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. However, the varied histories of enslavement, settler colonialism, and genocide that have shaped the Americas (north, central, and south) mean that there will often be multiple layered place names for a single place. Furthermore, events and even peoples have been variously named throughout history in the Americas, especially after 1492. 

Along with noting the integral importance of Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous place names to the history of the Americas, the Black diaspora in the Americas is equally foundational to understanding nineteenth and twentieth century history in Monique’s regions of interest. Thus, places and peoples from the African continent will also be referred to often in her posts. Monique’s work is invested in decolonizing the historical discipline and understandings of our varied pasts, and all of the above are integral to doing so.

If you notice an inaccuracy in one of Monique’s or Spirit’s posts, please feel free to contact us at the Historical Hotties Blog with the correction so that we can continue our work in the most respectful manner possible.

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