I received my BA (Honours) in History with a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, where I was privileged to learn from brilliant educators and students alike. As a student of history deeply informed by and indebted to anti-racist, decolonizing, and intersectional feminisms I was lucky to have begun my post-secondary education in an open learning environment. It was there in our Bachelor degrees that Spirit and I met and have helped to broaden one another’s understandings of the practice and art of history. After graduating from the University of Victoria, I continued my studies in history at McGill University in Montréal, QC under the supervision of Dr. Shanon Fitzpatrick. During my MA, I further developed my passion for historical storytelling, and helped strengthen my resolve to follow in the footsteps of countless women of colour in academia concerned with justice for marginalized communities. 

My research therefore reflects not only my own lived experiences but also those of my family, friends, and my communities. I am interested in the oppression and subsequent resistance that racialized groups of peoples in the Americas experience and how gendered experiences of race and racism are represented in twentieth-century popular culture. More specifically, my research weaves together the role American Empire has played in shaping the popular cultures of México and the United States in relation to music, fashion, and physical culture; la frontera/the border between México and the United States; and divergent understandings of race in relation to femininities and masculinities on both sides of la frontera/the border. All of this has helped to inform the development of this blog.

After completing my MA in 2015, I took the rest of the year off from formalized schooling and worked in various service industry jobs. As of fall 2016, I am a doctoral student in the Department of History at Yale University in my second year.

You can follow me on Twitter @mfulysses.


I received my BA in History Honours from the University of Victoria, where I was exposed from day one to approaches to history that I would later learn were more provocative than I ever gave them credit for while I was still a student there. The brilliant professors I was lucky enough to study under encouraged me to question everything, and I’m supremely thankful that the foundations of my education were laid in this environment.

During my BA I fell in love with the history of the Catholic Tradition and Catholic Reform, much to my own surprise. It was also my pleasure to make the acquaintance of the incomparable Monique, my collaborator on this blog, and the brains behind the original idea for Historical Hotties.

After my BA I moved across Canada to do my MA at McMaster University. At McMaster I was fortunate enough to study the religious history for which I’d developed a passion under the instruction of some incredible professors in the History Department. As a student who primarily studies Catholic Reform in early modern Europe, it’s my personal mission to question assumptions about progress, modernity, and the corresponding tropes about Catholics and Catholicism that relate to notions of backwardness.

As of spring 2017 I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto.

You can follow me on Twitter @spiritwaite.

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