Look for More Historical Hotties This Friday September 9th!


Hello wonderful beauties of the Internet!

We hope that all of our readers have enjoyed their summers (if you live in a part of the world that experienced these past few months as summer, that is) and that those of you who are heading back to school are excited at the prospect of new classes. On our end, we are (as always) eager and maybe a teeny bit anxious to get back into the rigmarole of formalized post-secondary schooling.

Monique has spent the last few months (read: year) working in the service industry all the while devouring all the books, articles, blog posts, and Twitter threads she can on all things historical, political, and cultural. As of this very moment, Monique is beginning her doctoral studies at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut in Mexican and Mexican-American twentieth century cultural history. Since this is a new and exciting next step in Monique’s academic career, things might get a little hectic with readings but that will just mean there will be that many more Historical Hotties to choose from each week!

Spirit spent fall 2015 and spring 2016 doing the coursework portion of her doctoral programme. Since late spring she has been in a state of ecstatic reading for her comprehensive examinations in spring 2017. For Spirit this means relishing fantastic secondary literature on “early modern” Europe (her major field), gender and material culture (her minor) and “modern” Canada (her other minor), all of which is not only providing her with all kinds of insights about these subjects, but also helping her in her constant refashioning of her own approach to historical studies. Additionally, Spirit still cannot believe that it’s currently her job to read all year. Childhood-Spirit’s dream has come true.

As you can see from what both Spirit and Monique have been up to over these last few months, our brief Historical Hotties Blog hiatus was not spent slacking! With this new school year, we hope to bring you new Historical Hotties to feast your eyes and minds on, all while challenging historically oppressive standards of beauty and paying tribute to the wonderful rabble-rousers, rebels, and radicals that have come before us. As you’ll see once we get the proverbial ball rolling again, Monique will be writing the majority of posts for the foreseeable future as Spirit is busy spending quality time with the books on her reading lists and, by extension, the (often comparatively well-known) historical actors that occupy them. But don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of Historical Hotties to read about as the weeks go by and we get deeper into our favourite season, autumn, aka the season of hot tea, old books, and comfy study nooks.

~ Monique and Spirit



Look for More Historical Hotties This Friday September 9th!

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